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Catherine Paura, Capstone’s CEO is the go-to person for marketing executives in Hollywood, and she has advised on more movies than any other person on the planet.

Capstone screens movies before they hit theaters and sometimes they are fine-tune edited based on moviegoer input.

Capstone works with studio executives and filmmakers to evaluate the interest generating potential of movie previews before they are seen in movie theaters and does the same for television commercials before they are seen on national TV. Capstone knows that its role is to help clients move the needle and to make a difference in how a movie performs at the box office.


The research objective is to find the right mix of pedigree, quality, entertainment value, emotion, etc. that casts the widest net of appeal for each movie.


14144 Ventura Boulevard
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Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Phone: 818.933.8400

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