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For decades, Fortune 500 business leaders have depended on the principals of Capstone Global Marketing & Research Group, Inc. (CGMG), a global research and advisory firm, to assist them in making sound business decisions with fact-based insights, research, and real world experience. As key providers of business intelligence and platinum level client service, Capstone enables executives to take effective action and maximize business outcomes for their organizations. Capstone’s principals and staff are passionate about creating lasting impact, and helping clients make confident decisions, and Capstone’s clients keep coming back.

We help leaders make decisions based on innovative and unconventional insight, and we help their organizations take effective action. We do it well because we are passionate about creating lasting impact, and helping clients make confident decisions.

Capstone Global Marketing & Research Group (CGMG) is one of the most successful and well-respected communications planning companies in the world. Our core business is providing a unique, research-driven approach to marketing that started in 1978 when Catherine Paura, Capstone’s co-founder and co-founder of The National Research Group (now Nielsen NRG) introduced the revolutionary concepts of market testing to Hollywood, originating what continues to be the cornerstone of today’s movie and television marketing.

We are marketing strategists who understand and can anticipate human behavior—we are consumer savvy and client centric.

Capstone is expert at reaching consumers at the moments, or touch points, that influence their purchasing behavior. We understand how consumers interact with products and services during the purchase decision.

Capstone is available 24/7 – not many companies will make that commitment, but we do and we have an international presence with concentrations in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as Western Europe.


14144 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 250 

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Phone: 818.933.8400

Fax: 818.933.8418
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