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Capstone’s principals have managed the strategic marketing information services for hundreds of consumer products and services. Our work is based on proprietary consumer intelligence combined with decades of successful consumer experience, so we know how to actively engage consumers in the entertainment, leisure, travel, sports, retail, and consumer products industries with our clients’ campaign messages. We help create, guide and refine movie decisions on a global basis.

With broad reach among moviegoers and television viewers, Capstone is proud to be the recognized leader in entertainment marketing research and planning. We are the innovators in the use of proprietary research analytics to understand the changing ways that consumers use traditional and new media, and our approach allows our clients to look beyond traditional gender and age demographics and plan marketing strategies that target audiences based on behavior.

Capstone works with our clients and their creative consultants to develop and execute a research-based, highly-targeted and cost efficient campaign.

After three decades of experience in the entertainment arena as marketing strategists to every major motion picture studio chief and network and cable television executives, we at Capstone continue to build our reputation by partnering with sophisticated marketing managers who want maximum value from every dollar they invest in research and marketing.

Our diverse, team based environment mirrors today’s business world. Capstone brings together innovative minds that represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences.

The Capstone Difference

• Well-know and well-respected
• Keen analytical insights
• Innovative Approaches to Analysis and Data Collection
• Capstone works in partnership with clients and is committed to problem-solving
• Capstone works closely with heads of marketing, creative advertising directors and heads of market research
• Finding solutions for hard-to-market products and services is a key goal of Capstone


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