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We have highly effective and educated staff resources including 25% with doctorate degrees and 40% with master’s degrees; all have extensive backgrounds in market research and analytics.

Staff with Doctorate Degrees
LP - Ph.D Consumer Psychology
TR - Ph.D Statistics
DW - J.D., M.S. Behavioral Psychologist

Staff with Master’s Degrees
LA - M.A. Primary Education
JB - M.A. French 
TG - M.F.A. Communications
NR - Captain U.S. Navy (Retired), M.S. Strategic Studies
MR - M.S. Counseling Psychologist

Staff with Bachelor’s Degrees
RB - B.A. Psychology
GP - B.A. Sociology (2014)
AS - B.A. Film Studies
LZ - B.A. Liberal Arts


14144 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 250 

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Phone: 818.933.8400

Fax: 818.933.8418
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